How to Manage Frizzy Hair?

Curly hair tends to be dry, and straight hair tends to have more oil in it. You can’t change the actual makeup of your hair, but if you struggle with dry and frizzy hair, there are a few things you can do to help with it.


Avoid washing too often

Our parents may have taught us to wash our hair once per day, but this could be doing more harm than good. It is definitely good to take a shower or bath at least once per day, but that doesn’t mean you have to wash your hair too. Some people go two, three or even four days without washing their hair. This works especially well on people with curly hair where frizz is a factor.


Use a styling cream or serum

Because the actual makeup of hair cannot be changed, some products need to be added to aid frizzy hair. These products can come in the form of a serum, cream or spray. Often, finding the right products for your hair has to be done with trial and error. If you can nab some samples online, this is the best way to try new products and see if they work for you. You can also try asking your hair stylist if they have any products to recommend.


How to style frizzy hair

Again, make sure that you are only washing your hair about once every two or three days. Washing your hair more often than that will only help create more frizz. Because you won’t be washing as often, you may find that your ends look great. But you may also find that your roots have a lot more oil in them. For this reason, try to use a root lifting powder or dry shampoo on your roots at the same time you are using a moisturizing, curl-defining cream or serum on the middles and ends of your hair. Put the dry shampoo in first.


When that is done, wash your hands. Take your serum or cream and deposit a quarter-sized amount of the product into your palm. You will need more if you have long hair past your shoulders. Massage the serum or cream around your palms until they are totally covered. Next, rub the product into your hair. Do not touch the roots with the product. They have enough oil right now. Focus on the middles and ends of your hair shafts. Use your palms to scrunch, and also use your fingers to help define each tendril. You may need to spend several minutes doing this. It’s even faster than playing your Clash Royale game!


Finally, remember that frizz often comes out when the weather is humid. If you live in a humid climate, you will need to pay more attention to getting your hair styled early in the morning when it is still cool. That way, you can get the look you want and hold it with a product like a hairspray. Use the tips above to combat frizz and have great-looking hair all the time.