How to Keep Sandals from Slipping Off Your Feet

Some of the little annoying ‘unsexy’ things that ladies go through include the feet sliding out of the shoes. This can not only be annoying but at times it can be outright embarrassing. You won’t want to look like the Barbarians in Clash of Clans when wearing your sandals.As it happens, this realm is full of solutions to almost any problem that we experience. The following are some tips that have been suggested and tried by women. They’ve been found to stop sandals from sliding off their feet when walking.


Use Hair Spray

Hairspray is a wondrous product. It has been shown to stop runs in stockings, kill bugs, removes lipstick from fabric and is a useful form of defense as a blind. We must also mention that when sprayed on your sandals and soles of your feet, it will make the two stick to each other like glue.


The Fashion Tape

The double-sided tape can be used to keep your feet and sandals together. However, the tape is clearly visible, and its adhesiveness wears off easily. This is on top of the fact that it may cause your feet to sweat excessively.


Cushions, Inserts or Insoles

You could line your sandals with cushions that alleviate the to-and-fro sliding of the feet as you walk. These come in various shapes, patterns, and colors. For open sandals, clear inserts are most recommended. The cushions or inserts are best placed at the heel so that the feet do not slide down or move forwards.


How one places the insoles is crucial. First of all, the inside of the sandal ought to be clean before you place the inserts. As you place it, first line it with the heel of the shoe and then firmly press on it. Now, steadily and firmly line the rest of the shoe. This will give you sandals that are completely slip-free.


Tights with Sole Grips

Some tights have inbuilt nonslip sole grips. This, when worn with sandals, could limit the slipping off. However, this never works well with open sandals, since it is rather unappealing.


Find the Right Size

A proper fitting sandal not only stops episodes of the unsexy slip-offs but also gives you a comfy feel as you walk. You should not buy sandals that are too long or too short. Shoes that do not fit also have an increased risk of causing injury, such as ankle dislocations. Alternatively, if you already have closed sandals that are too big, you could try stuffing them.


Adjust Your Walking Style

The veterans of high heels can tell you that some occasions call for an adjustment in the way that one walks. If you have sandals that slip out, you could change the way you walk so that your feet and toes afford more grip to the sandals.


Try a Different Sandal Style

Maybe the sandals you are wearing are not the right fit for your feet. If you find that most of the methods above are futile in reducing the slip-offs, then you could try getting a different type of sandals. You could, for instance, go for sandals that come with ankle straps.


With the above tips, you can now bring out your sexy as you walk in sandals without the slip off mishaps.