How to do a Pedicure at Home?

Taking care of feet is an essential part of health care. In about forty-five minutes, you can have beautiful, healthy feet. A pedicure is a simple way to not only have healthy feet but also to make yourself feel better.


With it being a flip-flop weather, it is time to pull out the foot soak tub and begin the beautifying. People notice your pedicure, so you definitely want it to be beautiful. Why spend that money every few weeks when you can do it yourself?


Here I give you the simple steps to a great pedicure. First, you want to make sure you have everything you need. Here is a list of what I recommend having.


Foot soak and tub for feet, a couple of thick clean towels, toe spacers, nail polish remover, clean and sterilized nail instruments, an emery board, white buffing block, sugar scrub, cuticle remover, antiseptic spray, callus remover, chip skip, base coat, polish, top coat rapid dry spray, cuticle oil, and several great pairs of flip flops and sandals.


Don’t forget something to read while your feet are soaking, or you can just lay back and relax. Some people prefer to have latex gloves. This is completely a personal choice.

  1. Soak feet three to five minutes in the foot soak. The water should be warm and comfortable for you.
  2. Remove all oil and polish using cotton balls soaked in the polish remover. A small glass jar with polish remover and cotton balls can be kept with your supplies.
  3. Trim your toenails using a nail clipper. Do not trim until it’s too short. A good gauge will be to the top of the toe as you will still be able to polish and wear those closed toed shoes when you need to.
  4. File your nails gently across the top of the nail and slightly around edges. This is to prevent ingrown toenails. This will make the nails smooth and square. The small toe will be the hardest to do so be careful when cutting and filing it.
  5. Apply cuticle remover, gently rubbing the solution across nail bed.
  6. Place your feet back in foot soak for three to five minutes.
  7. Remove from soak; dry and carefully clean under nails and push back cuticles with light strokes. Do not try to dig too deep in as this can cause bleeding or injury.
  8. Trim dead skin from cuticles. This should be done with very steady hands.
  9. Apply cuticle oil and rub upwards from the base of the nail. Rubbing each nail for several seconds ensures that the cuticles are softened and well conditioned.
  10. Gently smooth away the base of the nail with white buffer block.
  11. Remove calluses from tip of toes to base of the foot. Rub gently to prevent injuring live skin beneath the callus.
  12. Use the sugar scrub to rub from your calf to the tip of your toes. This exfoliates and removes dead skin from the calf and top of the foot.
  13. Put your feet back into the tub and soak for another three to five minutes. The time really depends on how much time you have to pamper yourself.
  14. Dry off your foot and apply antiseptic spray to calf and foot. This is going to remove excess scrub and oils from foot and leg. Pat dry with a towel.
  15. Put toe spacers on your feet so that the nail polish doesn’t stick to the sides of your toes. Start polishing from the middle of your nail, then go to the sides.
  16. Apply Chip Skip to prevent your nail from chipping. Just one layer of coat is needed. Let it dry a few seconds in between each coat of polish that you apply.
  17. Apply base coat in the same manner.
  18. Apply your favorite polish. Use light easy strokes to coat each nail evenly. This is where you can be creative with the polish and color. Designs make your toes and feet more noticeable.
  19. Apply top coat in the same way the base coat was applied.
  20. Rub cuticle oil on just the bottom of cuticle to recondition the cuticles.
  21. Spray a light layer of rapid dry.
  22. Repeat steps 9 through 21 with other foot.


Put your flip flops on and go enjoy the beautiful day. Show off your pedicure that looks professional.


Once you have bought all your supplies, you will notice a great deal of savings by doing it yourself. This is a pamper that pays for itself.